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Thinking Beyond Diversity - Shanis Windland, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at VMware

Nothing?has to?go back to the way it was.?For?companies that haven’t embraced flexibility as a core tenet,?Shanis?Windland, VP of Diversity and Inclusion at?VMware,?asserts that now?is the opportunity. Take advantage of it.?Read her?three?tips for?bringing?inclusivity into?distributed?workforces.


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CIO Recruiting: A Tech Leader Perspective – Guest: Tarun Inuganti, Consultant, at Spencer Stuart and Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware

If CIOs are going to be held accountable for revenue goals, they need more say in the products their company offers and the skills needed to propel the company forward. Hear more about key ingredients for success and your new recruiting charter.

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